The plan for my birthday yesterday was to scrapbook with some friends and family at Archiver’s in Woodbury and then go to the nearby Boston’s for dinner with the whole fam.

I discovered the night before the all Archiver’s stores were having a holiday event. My mom said they probably would still have half the workroom open but told me to call in the morning to check. I didn’t. We got there and it was closed. So we made a plan B: We did our shopping there and then headed to the community room at my sister’s loft in Lowertown. It was a very nice space and worked out well for those of us who went. One friend didn’t come with because it didn’t work with her plans for the rest of the afternoon. I had two helpers without projects of their own so I got eight pages done.

Since we were no longer in Woodbury, we changed the pizza destination to Red’s Savoy. It was packed when we got there and we were told to expect a 25-minute wait but that we could preorder so our food would be ready as soon as we sat down. After an hour, we inquired about our status and were told to expect another 20 minutes. Hot, hungry and angry, we cancelled our order, and made plan C: take-out from Mama’s that we ate at my parents house.

One thing that DID go according to plan A was the kids went to bed really easily so we could watch a movie and still get to bed at a decent hour. Grace started to fuss but we threatened to put her back in a crib if she keeps doing that every night. That quieted her down really fast.