I didn’t make it to Walgreens/CVS this week. I have been cutting coupons and planning my trips on Sunday nights but I don’t yet have a routine for actually following through on those trip plans. I was going to get two tubes of toothpaste, a small box of tampons, five bars of soap and a bottle of coffeemate for 45 cents. Well, plus the tax on the pre-rebate prices so maybe more like $1.30. But still a good deal. But I didn’t make it, and I can’t go on my way home from work because I left my coupon binder at home.

Of course, neither store has anything worth a trip next week. How do I know? The Pioneer Presss (and that other rag, too) publishes a version of the Sunday paper on Saturday for distribution to outstate Minnesota, and it has all the ads and coupon inserts. You can buy these in town too if you are looking to scope out the sales the day before. It can be nice because you can see if certain things are a better deal today or tomorrow and shop accordingly.

I did well at Cub this morning though, spending 84.22, with a savings of 14.55. The best deal was on 10 General Mills. I used $8.10 worth of coupons on $19.53 worth of products (at sale price). That’s 42% off. Actually more but I don’t know the normal retail price on everything. That was cheaper than getting the Cub brand version of all the same things. Another good deal was Brownberry bread, which was buy 1 get 1 free.

I recently moved my coupons from a small expandable folder thingy to a 3-ring binder. Grace found the old folder and said “oh no, where’d the coupons go? Why did you take them all out?” There is a post full of comments with similar stories of kids learning their moms’ frugal ways here. Very cute and funny stuff.