This post was written a week ago but I finally can get the photos of the camera:

Friday I did my grocery shopping — alone! — at Target and used lots of good coupons. I hit a CVS on Friday and then Walgreens on Saturday/Sunday (at midnight so I got last week’s deals, waited for the time change, then bought this week’s deals). I got four 12-packs of Pepsi and the stuff below for 54.70.

It’s all worth about $150 though I’m not going to detail the breakdown this time. The only thing we probably won’t use is the Dimetapp but I got more back in rebates than I paid for it, and I’ll add it to the food shelf bag. The gel inserts were a splurge. They cost $9 (regular $15) but I wanted to try them because my feet are always sore.

At work, the Features Department was having one of its periodic sales of stuff it gets sent by PR companies and the like. The money goes to a local program for young minority journalists called Three Sixty Journalism. It’s part book sale, part silent auction. I won a box full of art supplies that will become gifts or treats for $25

and bought these books and CDs for $35