Grace spotted an activity in a recent issue of her High Five magazine — bathtub crayons. It combined some of her favorite things — crayons, bath time and making stuff. After our great success with the salt art, I decided to give it a try.

Don’t the pictures make it look like a nice, easy, quick project?

They lie.
The cheese grater got so clogged with soap that halfway through the bar, it was very tricky to get anything through. I bet a quarter of the bar ended up being wasted because it was stuck to the grater. And there were soap shavings all over the place — in the bowl, like the should be, on the table, in the water glass, on the floor, under our fingernails.

I rinsed most of the dishes and left them in the sink. I didn’t scrape all the soap off the grater, however. I later asked Mark to load the dishwasher. And he did. Also without scraping the soap off the grater. I entered the kitchen a few minutes into the load to find suds bubbling out the bottom of the dishwasher. LOTS of bubbles.

They do not exaggerate on the sitcoms. I put a towel on the floor under the dishwasher, opened the dishwasher and scooped most of the bubbles out, and removed the grater and scraped all the soap of with a knife. Crisis averted, luckily.

It was all worth it when we tried them in the bath and ……. they didn’t write at all! Oh well, at least Grace had fun making them.