I took “clean” versions of my “blech” pictures the next day but never got around to posting them and now don’t feel like it. I did get it all done though. The one setback was Connor dumping half his lunch (macaroni, peas and chocolate cake) on the floor after I swept. I sent the kids outside to play while cleaning the kitchen. Grace kept coming in and asking to help. Finally I said “why do you want to help me sweep so much?” She said “So it will go faster and you can play with me.” How can you argue with that. Despite trying to get a lot done, I kept this post by Cari in mind and tried to take extra bits of time here and there with the kids.

Today, Grace and I went to the library. We both really love the library. She played Winnie the Pooh on the “pooter” while I read this month’s book club book. She picked out some books and I read a few to her. We each picked out a movie. I sat in an easy chair and rested my eyes while she played with puppets and puzzles. She almost always has a fit and gets sulky when we leave but it’s worth it for the time there.

For those of you not on Facebook, here are some photos I recently posted of Grace’s birthday and portraits Mark’s cousin-in-law took of the kids.

Grace had a good, low-key birthday Wednesday. Sandi and Ryan came over for our weekly PATH meeting/playdate/village well time. She got a few gifts and cards. We gave her a bike and big doll house, which she had eyed up at a garage sale a while ago. She said “Hey, this is just like that one at the garage sale except the picnic table doesn’t have an umbrella.” (The umbrella pole was missing from the box for some reason.) She had her first — and second and third — real phone conversation that day with Grandma Selby, Uncle Cory and Grandma/Grandpa W.

I had planned to do a whole post about last weekend’s church festival but there isn’t too much to say. The kids games went well and seemed succesful despite the less-than-ideal weather. This year I was just a helper but next year I’ll be a or the kids game organizer. We have some changes in mind for next year, like having a prize tent so kids can earn larger prizes, like at Chuck E Cheese, rather than having prizes of every size at each booth.