We completely redid our “powder room” recently. (What do you call it when it’s more than redecorating but less than remodeling?)

I don’t have before pictures but it was very similar in look to our big bathroom.

We ripped everything out. And by we, I mean Mark, with help from his dad on removing the vinyl.

We repainted. And by we, I mean Mark. He even picked the color and I think it’s quite nice.

We put down new tile. And by we, I mean Mark, with help from his dad on cutting the tiles. I did pick the tile and the pattern.

We put in a new light fixture, mirror, towel bar, toilet paper bar and light switch, some of which we got on clearance at Home Depot and the rest of which was bought to match. And by we, I mean Mark.

We put in a new toilet that takes up less room, uses less water and flushes properly each and every time. And by we, I mean Mark and Joe.

We put in a new vanity and faucet. The vanity also takes up less room and is just much more stylish. And by we, I mean my dad.

Here is what it looks like now.

It was all complete a couple of weeks ago. And then … two days ago we heard some scratching. It took awhile to locate it. It was in the vanity. I threw open the doors, from as far away as possible and ….


About an hour later, Mark figured out it (a mouse?) was UNDER the vanity. Completely inaccessible.

And by Saturday morning, the had scratching stopped.

And by the evening, the smell began.

Any ideas?