At Target on Tuesday, we bought a new tent because the zipper on ours is totally shot; diapers; three shirts, two pairs of paints and two pairs of shoes for Mark to wear to the convention (and whenever he needs to look halfway decent. Spent about $250. The next day, I get a 10% coupon in the mail because I’d reached my Target Visa rewards total. GRR

Yesterday I tried to reattach the rearview mirror in the car. But it was too hot out and the glue just kept running and wouldn’t hold the button. So I had to clean it all off and will have to try again when it’s not so hot. GRR

Yesterday on the way to work I stocked up on Pepsi products and Pedia Sure and a few odds and ends at Walgreens, all on sale. Spent $75. Got to work, checked my blog reader, and saw the Walgreens issued an online coupon for $10 off when you spend $40 good only for today and tomorrow. I could have waited, printed two coupons, broke my order in two and saved $15 plus added in $5 extra worth of stuff free. GRR

Today my dad was over installing our new bathroom sink. He asked for drill bits. Remember how I expertly organized our tools the other week? Well, I couldn’t find the case of bits anywhere today. Did they get up and walk out of the toolbox? GRR

While I was reading to Grace this morning, Connor dumped an entire, newly opened box of Kleenex in the toilet. GRR