Since becoming a mom (and getting my anxiety under control), I’m not as bothered by large crowds as I used to be. They still annoy me but no longer keep me from enjoying certain things, like the Great Minnesota Get Together. I’m glad, because if I had stayed away Tuesday, I would have missed:

10. Deep-fried cheese curds

9. Grace making sand art

8. Laughing at Mark for getting a stomachache from drinking a half-gallon of milk at the all-you-can-drink booth

7. Pronto pups

6. Grace loving the rides on the Kidway

5. Deep-fried cheese curds

4. Tom Thumb mini-donuts

3. The kids, especially Connor, loving on Snoopy and Linus

2. Petting a newborn piglet and calf with Grace and seeing a half-hour-old lamb being cleaned off by it’s mother, at the Miracle of Birth Center.

1. Did I mention the deep-fried cheese curds?