Hey, this is my 100th post. whoopee!

So, here’s why the posts have again been scarce:

Monday, my dad came over to do some work on our bathroom. Then in the afternoon/evening/night we went on a boat ride on the Mississippi with Joe and Megan. The boat had some problems once we cleared the lock and dam just before Hastings so Megan’s dad had to come rescue us. We ended up grilling our food back at Megan’s house rather than on a sandbar and we didn’t get to swim, but the kids waded in the water and the boat ride was fun. It was a really good trip.

Tuesday, Sandi had a pirate camp at her house for about a dozen kids. She is SO creative. She turned their swingset into a pirate ship, made treasure maps, swords and bandannas, had a treasure chest full of booty that we had to follow clues to find an open, and served blood soup (tomato) with our lunch. Grace pooped out after lunch and didn’t participate in the games but when I asked her what her favorite part was, she said everything. And she kept wanting to play pirate the next day or two. Connor napped in a big boy bed (with rails) while we were there.

Wednesday, Grace and I got our hair cut together and then stopped at the library.

Thursday, Mark and I helped Lauren and Tim move to their first house. My parents watched the kids. It was a lot of work but fun too. Their house is very cute and Mark is jealous.

Friday, a woman who has been running the festival kids games at St. Pat’s for many years came over to give me the lowdown on being the chairwoman. I’m going to be helping her a little this year and taking over for next year.

Today, Grace and I hit a few garage sales. This weekend was Inver Grove Heights Days, including a citywide garage sale. We got lots of nice things, mostly for Grace. Then we met Gillian and her daughter, Eve, who is Connor’s age, at the Minnesota Zoo. It was CRAZY there. I’ll never go on a weekend again.