I WILL get our garage under control before winter.

Step 1 was a garage sale. I had started leaving things at my parents’ house this spring for their church garage sale but soon realized I had plenty of things for a decent sale of my own. When my sister got engaged, she and her fiance started weeding out things in preparation for combining households so they soon had enough for a sale. Lauren and my mom threw a few bags of things into the mix as well.

The crowd today was much more sparse than yesterday. It was a beautiful day out, we had lots of nice things arranged in a highly visible way and we had two ads and big signs along the street. So I’m not sure why we had so few visitors. We had lots of people slow down and stare, then drive on. I don’t know what they were looking for because we had a bit of almost everything.

Maybe Mark’s Favre jersey scared them all away. I know I wouldn’t want to contribute to the bottom line of a Packer Backer 😉

We had a lot of nice women’s clothes (here’s about half of them) but hardly any sold. We sold some medium-ticket items — TV, DVD player, stereo, bar stools — but not the bedroom furniture or futon. I may try listing them on craigslist again.

A woman starting a day care bought the toddler bed and all the Noah’s Ark decorations, except the linens. She talked me down so low got the whole lot for what I had marked on just the bed/mattress. But it was about 15 minutes before we were done for the weekend and I didn’t want to pack it all up again. Plus, we had gotten all but the mattress free to begin with.

When we closed up shop, we filled our SUV with things for Goodwill and packed the nicer things back into the garage to attempt to sell them on ebay/craigslist or donate them to a charity that gives to battered women or possibly set them out again on Friday, when our neighbors are having a sale.

After paying for the newspaper ad, we’re $104.80 ahead from two days ago. My mom and sister made about that much as well. Not too shabby.