Green Resolutions wrote a fabulous post about what sustainability means as part of the first Blog carnival hosted by members of the new APLS (Affluent Persons Living Sustainably) network. (I’m sure the rest are fabulous too but hers is the only one I’ve read thus far)

She ended the post with “Where are you in the process of living sustainably? Let go of the guilt and celebrate the changes.” I began to comment, but it seemed like too much for just a comment, so my answer is in the form of this post.

I recycle and compost but still use disposable diapers and wipe.

I try not to use disposable dishes/utensils at work but still eat fast food.

I buy laundry soap in bulk and but only air dry on occasion.

I am using up the “regular” cleaners I have and not replacing them, hoping to go with just vinegar, baking soda, etc.

I rarely buy organic or local food.

I use cloth napkins but still buy paper for others in the house.

I use reusable bags most of the time and recycle the disposable ones I do receive.

I buy things at Goodwill and garage sales frequently but buy new just as frequently.