The whole family was in need of haircut except for me.

Mark’s favorite hair stylist recently quit the business and he decided not to get a new one because he getting to the point where even a professional can’t disguise his lack of hair. So we decided to go back to me cutting his hair. I did it regularly for many years but when I cut it on Monday I was a little out of practice and was using a new razor. You see where this is going, right? After two spots got inadvertently short, I had no choice but to make all of the bottom portion really short. I went up two clicks on the razor for the top, which ended up still being shorter than he usually gets it cut. So he’s pert-near a buzz cut but he says he likes it.

Up next was Connor but he was too crabby and wiggly so we postponed. Then I started cutting Grace’s bangs. After one snip, she ran away from me.

We tried again yesterday. I cut the front of Connor’s hair, which was almost to his eyebrows, just like before his last cut. It wasn’t looking too great but I was just getting started. I could fix it. Daddy chickened out and said “I’ll take him in somewhere tomorrow.” Ye of little faith. I told Grace it was time to finish her bangs. “No, I scared.” Et tu, Gracie? I did manage to get her to sit still long enough for a nice even trim and a ponytail.

Connor went back to Great Clips today. We had a different girl but she did well and he sat very still for her. He looks mighty handsome again. We passed on the sucker this time.

Mark insists Connor walked over to him, touched his head and said “haircut.” Of course, I did not hear this and could not get him to repeat it. But we’ll take Daddy’s word for it.

the newly shorn clan: