I’ve been asked why I haven’t been updating my New Year’s resolutions progress. I’d been doing so well on them, I didn’t think it was worth reporting. But since it was requested, I’ll do it today.

Read two fiction and two nonfiction books: Done

Go to the gym at least once a week: Haven’t been too great this summer. I’m making this a priority for August.

Finish five scrapbook pages a month: I’m pretty sure I’ve passed this goal every month since I last reported.

Send birthday cards before each person’s birthday: I got a little bit lazy on the actual cards but I think every got either a card, e-card, text or phone call.

Start composting: We’re keeping up on our pile. Still no bin but it seems to be fine without it. I’ve just been being careful about covering the food scraps with leaves and grass. I’m running out of those materials in the nearby area though so I may have to dig deeper into the woods one of these days.