I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this post since I ran across it last week. It’s actually the third in a series but I will try to summarize what she wrote so eloquently over those three posts:

Many years ago, women and children gathered at the water well or community garden or some such place for work AND adult socializing AND kid socializing. Now, we either have play dates just for socializing or we do our housework alone. The two never mix. So you have to choose between getting things done and getting interaction with other people.

Does it have to be this way? Can we somehow create a place/time/arrangement where you can socialize and do the chores so many of us put off? I can think of many things that I’d more likely do if I had someone there to help with the task, chat with while I do the task, keep the kids out of my hair while I do the task, and/or just stand over me and force me to do the task. lol

So I’m throwing it out there. If anyone is interested in some kind of arrangement, give me a holler. Maybe it could be that we get together at my house on a Monday to tackle my to-do list and then get together at your house the following Monday to tackle your to-do list. If we both have kids, maybe they can entertain each other. If not, my kids can fend for themselves for a while.