I was a “good” mom today.

Grace asked to make “color sprinkles like in my magazine book,” meaning paintings with colored sand like in her Highlights magazine. I normally would find a way to talk her out of this sort of thing, but today I decided to let her do it. We don’t have sand, so I used salt. It was messy and her hands turned blue but she had a blast and I got the kitchen cleaned and talked to her while she was doing it. (I’ll take pictures of the art later)

Grace only watched an hour of TV, while playing in the bath this morning. And I wasn’t on the computer at all during the day (Mark had it at school. lol)

I let Grace play in our pool with the annoying neighbor kids, who tried my patience.

I took the kids to the library and actually played with and attempted to read to Connor while we were there, instead of reading a magazine and chasing him down when he got too far away.

Grace has thanked me for all this doing-my-job-ness by spending the past hour screaming and leaving the bedroom. She’s had several very bad nights in a row. Actually, it’s been rough since we got back from our mini-vacation on Wednesday. Maybe she’s out of whack because I let her stay up late while we were there. She should be out of that by now though, if that’s the case.

update at 10 p.m.: Grace is asleep. Connor is crying inexplicably. yipee