Because I have a kid-free day tomorrow (more on that later), I thought we should go out and do something special today and have some quality mom-kid time. I browsed several options on playtimeplanit and came across the Jackson Street Roundhouse. I asked Grace if she wanted to go see a bunch of trains (… um, is the Pope Catholic? yes, she wanted to.) So I looked up the directions, packed a diaper bag, got the kids dressed and out we went.

Got to Pennsylvania Avenue, just east of the roundhouse. Closed. Detour.

Followed the detour around to Jackson Street, just west of the roundhouse. Closed. Detour … back to Pennsylvania!!

A map consultation showed what I already knew — there was no other way to get there. So we went home.

I was fuming about why the Web site made no mention of this little problem. Decided to check it again to see if I had missed a notice. Nope. But I did notice upon second look that it is not open Wednesdays through Saturdays but Wednesdays AND Saturdays. Oops. Always pays to check the fine print.

A good friend is taking the kids to the zoo tomorrow, so I hope to knock out most of my to-do list, with some scrapbooking in between as a reward. We’ll see if this plan turns out any better than today’s.