• It’s hard to cook over charcoal in the rain.
  • Since relinquishing photo duties to the hubby, I rarely remember to grab the camera when he’s not around.
  • Connor is better at the hand-stacking game than Grace is.
  • It’s hard to protected a fair-headed boy’s head from the sun.
  • Don’t eat ice cream six times in eight days. Your intestines will thank you.
  • Auntie Becky is awesome and got up with the kids in the morning more often than I did. They also had plenty of people to play with and keep an eye on them and help with bedtime. It really does take a village to raise a child — or at least it makes it easier!
  • Paddle boats do not hold six grown men.
  • It takes an 1.5 hours to swim across Fish Hook Lake in Park Rapids, Minn., and back. This is NOT learned from personal experience but that of three crazy adventurous friends.
  • A large inner-tube makes a good slide when it’s too cold and windy to use for its intended purpose.
  • A kid’s blueberry-laced vomit is very unpleasant.

More photos: ours, my mom’s