The hubby says:

I’m not sure if this two in one room will work. Although it seems to have helped Grace go to sleep and stay in her own bed, Connor REALLY does not like when we bring Grace into the room for her bed time. He has a very difficult time with it. Even when Grace goes in really easy, Connor gets mad that I tell him good night and leave.

So tonight I tried to hold him and rock him for a minute and all he did was tried to wiggle out of my arms and look at Grace in her bed. It took him about 3 minutes to relatively settlte down but then Grace started saying she wanted the door open all the way (which it was). So eventually I had to come up and show her that it is open (not to mention she was getting really loud) so, of course, Connor got mad again.

I’m not sure.

Later, well after Connor settled down:

They are still out.
Maybe I was over reacting to the not working out thing…

Aah, the trials-and-errors of parenting 🙂