We decided a few weeks ago it was time for Grace to move from her toddler bed to a twin-size bed. We hoped it would help with her sleeping troubles if she felt more grown-up. After earning 10 stars for having good nights, she got her bed, which she had picked out. We picked it up Monday and set it up right away.

At the last minute, I thought it might be nice to have the kids share a room. I don’t really know why, just a feeling. We were a little torn though so we explained the two options to Grace — switch rooms (hers was too small for a twin bed, her bookshelf and rocker) or have a shared sleeping room and a playroom.

“Share? Like you and Daddy? I want to share with Connor.”

That settled it.

The new playroom:

So far, Grace has been pretty good about helping keep the room “ornanized”:

Grace slept in her toddler bed inside her bed frame for 5 days until we picked up the boxspring and mattress from her auntie. Her favorite part of the bed is the canopy (currently made of an extra sheet from our bed): Testing out the new bed Saturday afternoon. No, she’s not sleeping:
And just ’cause he’s so cute:

So far, both kids have done very well. Much less fighting from Grace at bedtime and virtually none during the night. Connor has been awoken a few times when we’re in there tending to Grace but except for the first night and tonight, went right back to sleep. He’s out of sorts right now. I hope the little bugger settles down soon for Daddy.