After striking out at many garage sales (PEOPLE, take DOWN your signs if the sale is OVER) this year, I/we hit the bargain jackpot this weekend.

On Friday, the four of us hit the Cottage Grove Home Depot, which is closing next week. It was really picked over but, for about half the normal retail, we got a lot of things we had picked out when the closing was first announced:

  • An adorable Tinkerbell lamp for Grace’s bedside table, $25 (She had a major meltdown when she discovered all the Princess ones were gone but after much prodding, we convinced her Tink was just as good. Actually, she is much cuter than the Princess one)
  • A really nice vinyl screen door for our balcony to replaced a warped, cheapy one that the screen won’t stay in, $54
  • A brushed nickel towel bar and mirror for when we redo our downstairs bathroom, $37
  • Four new electric coils for our stove because ours are SO dirty and I can’t get them clean and one of them doesn’t work, $63

Then today, at four garage sales, I scored this:

17 items for 23 whopping dollars. A happy shopper, am I.

Oh, AND, I got a bag of free shirts from Sister Guppy, as well as a mattress, boxspring and sheets (more on that later).