Mark graduated from college on Sunday — sort of. He participated in commencement, but he has to take one more Spanish course before they’ll send his degree. His teacher licensing program starts in three weeks, and he’ll finish a year from August.

We had a nice celebration on Sunday, with about 20 people coming over for lunch. I think Mark was pleasantly surprised by the turnout. We made way too much food though. Anyone want to stop by for some salad and cake??

The two-hour ceremony was at 3. My sister played with Grace outside for most of it and Connor at the end. It seems that anything goes at the U. Several people didn’t wear gowns; one wore big fuzzy slippers; two carried kids across the stage (one kid being Connor); and one had her major announced as “world domination.” After an hour of picture taking after the ceremony, we went out to Perkins with my parents and Mark’s parents.

Thanks to everyone who celebrated with us, sent cards, called with congratulations, babysat, brought food or helped clean up. And thanks for the support that’s gotten us this far. We’re on the home stretch now.

Congratulations Marky Joe. I’m proud of you.