Mark was gone from before the kids got up until after they were in bed on Tuesday. I had forgot this was happening until he headed out in the morning. And Connor woke up at 7:45. After some momentary dread, I decided we should go to the zoo for the day to keep us from going crazy at home. We almost didn’t make it because Grace wasn’t behaving too well but by 10:45 we were heading out.

The second I stepped on to the Minnesota Trail, I felt the anxiety and dread lift. There is something magical about that place for me. I’m glad Grace opted to see the wolves before the dolphins, tigers or monkeys. After the Minnesota Trail, we visited the tigers (which is a bit of a hike due to a construction detour) then came back to see the monkeys and have lunch, despite having a snack upon arrival. Connor fell asleep just before lunch and slept in the stroller while Grace and I ate and watch two geese quite extensively. Then we headed back out to see the buffalo and played a little bit at the playground before the sky turned ominous. We came in and hung out in Discovery Bay for a bit and then went home.

I had to wake Connor from his second nap to get Grace to gymnastics. I let him come with us, instead of going to child care, thinking he’d just snuggle and maybe sleep. But he was WAY too excited about this new place full of exciting climbing things for that. There were only two kids in class so Coach Tomas and I let Connor try out the tumbling track. It was a lot of fun.

After gymnastics, we played and read books. Connor was out by 7 and Grace finally stopped crying just after 8:30. Of course, she was up again at 10:30, as you know. I finally ended up sitting in the rocking chair in her room until she fell asleep about 11:30.