Mark made me breakfast in bed today, but both kids were snatching from the plate until he was finally able to wrangle them out of the room. He gave me a book, “Farewell my Suburu” (which apparently he has read. Voluntarily). The kids gave me a book called “I Love You, Mommy” about a mommy bear teaching a baby bear how to do things. Best of all, it had two cards from the kids tucked into a pocket inside the book. One looked like this:
Who could ask for a better present than that? AND Grace wrapped the book herself, with guidance from Mark. It looked great!!

Another gift is that Grace has slept through the night the last few days. And her behavior during the day has been much better for it. She has even been eating the food we give her, including steak today at lunch, which Mark only made for the adults, just assuming she wouldn’t it eat. Both kids did. I don’t think Mark got any.

Mark and the kids are among those enjoying Mother’s Day dinner at my parents’ house, while I’m at work. {sigh} And then my mom said she’d watch the kids after dinner while Mark worked on homework/studying. What better Mother’s Day gift for a grandma than to babysit her darling little grandchildren? ๐Ÿ˜‰

The kids and I had a really fun trip to a new playground on Thursday. We went to some garage sales on Friday. We were not too successful but the kids were good. We went to Dairy Queen after the sales (I admit, it was a bribe) and Connor discovered ketchup. Grace helped him dip French fries in it and he did very well with fairly minimal mess. Then we all split an “icy lollipop” (Dilly Bar).