We’re back to having sleeping issues with Grace after several good months. For the past nine days, she’s been fighting bedtime and/or waking up at night and taking an hour or so to get back to sleep. We tried every strategy the first time around and what finally worked was emptying her room and letting her earn things back by filling up a sticker chart. She still is getting stickers (actually, stars on a dry erase board now) to earn special things but she seems not to care anymore. I just got this from Mark:

Connor was waking up when I was trying to get Grace to sleep, and she is TIRED! So, I asked her to be a good girl…because I had already read her two books and we rocked. I told her that I would have to take care of Connor and she needed to be a big girl and go to bed like I know she can. She of course said ok.

When I got Connor changed she was standing in the bathroom, telling me she needed to go poop and potty. (which she had just done right before we started to go to bed.) I told her she needed to try be herself, to which she started pouting. I brought Connor downstairs and she started yelling. Then she told me, after I came up, that she had to go downstairs to go to the bathroom. I told her no. She started crying.

Then she started to leave the bathroom and head for the stairs. I told her that if she goes downstairs, I will NOT bring her back up stairs and tuck her in, but if she needed help in the bathroom upstairs, I would. So she immediately came downstairs, and went into the bathroom but then refused to get on the toilet. I put her on and walked out. She didn’t go and about a minute later came out.

I decided at that point that I was simply going to ignore her instead of raise both of our blood pressures. I haven’t said a word to her for 10 minutes now, and I have been feeding Connor.I am planning on ignoring her, and when she whines too much, I am going to tell her that she can go up to bed any time she wants to. and then ignore her again.

Is it bold? Yes.
Is it stupid? Yes.
Am I an idiot? Yes.
Am I just setting myself up? I am sure I am.

But, I need to do something different and this is the thing I am going to try today.