I don’t have anything specific to talk about but I’ve been scolded for not blogging often enough and since I almost never blog on Monday or Tuesday, I should write something today, eh?

Let’s see, what am I thinking about:

My feet hurt. They hurt a lot, especially when I’m tired. I love to have them massaged. They never got sore like this until I was pregnant with Connor. Darn kid.

My eyes are dry. I should stop trying to wear contacts to work. I got a new kind and they work well outside of work but the computers and dry air are just to hard on them.

No, I’m not neglecting my work. I’m done until the Rev. Jeramiah Wright finishes speaking in Detroit and I can pick up a story on that to put on page 1.

I’m getting a little hungry. Maybe I should eat my apple. I already ate my dinner. I’ve been being very careful to eat well the last two days because my stomach was getting upset from me eating too much junk food and not eating often enough.

I plan to start praying or meditating for 20 minutes before bed each day to help unwind from work. I can’t ever fall asleep right away even when I try so I might as well do something productive to try to calm my mind down and prepare it for sleep. Otherwise I lay in bed with a million thoughts — some serious, some silly, some talking over each other — running through my mind. I don’t know when I’ll watch Top Chef or Supernatural since I used to watch those after work.

Mark and I are going to try to get a regular night out, probably Monday once this semester ends. I suggested finding a regular babysitter — a teenage girl that we pay — but he “feels more comfortable” with family and friends so we’re negotiating. So if you know of a good sitter he might feel comfortable with, or if you are a family or friend who would like to volunteer, let us know. We are (or at least I am) willing to offer to do something for family/friend sitters in exchange, though I’m not sure what it would be since hardly any of you that we know around here have kids (get on that would ya?).

I’ve been editing Mark’s senior thesis over the past week. It’s about the geographical significance of high school nicknames. It’s a good paper but my “dumb butt husband, who is spending tens of thousands of dollars on a college education, canโ€™t edit a paper or write concise sentences and paragraphs to save his life.” (his words, not mine)

That was all really boring, wasn’t it? Oh well, some of you have said you’re interested in the little things too. And that’s about as little as they get — although I guess I could explain my recent medicine cabinet reorganization in detail. ๐Ÿ˜‰