I’ve been kind of stressed out lately about car troubles we’ve been having. My friend Lauren e-mailed me the other day:

I have the answer to all your problems: liquor.

Erin mentioned the other day that Zoe is sleeping over at gramma and grampa’s house tomorrow night and she’d love to get a drink or two. I’m hoping for a big ol’ Hub outing, like the old days. We all need some laughs.

We got quite a large group together last night and went to Senor Wong. It was a lot of fun and a nice chance to chat with a couple of people I don’t sit near at work and don’t get to talk to as much as I’d like. They have tasty little appetizers at Senor Wong for very cheap. The drinks were expensive but I got a $5 margarita that was a very good “late happy hour” special.

I got home a little after 2 and noticed right away that Mark had tidied up the kitchen, bathroom and our bedroom. Then he let me sleep until almost noon. I came downstairs to a freshly made omelette and cinnamon muffins that Mark helped Grace make. I watched a show with Grace for a half hour while Mark took a little nap, then he took her to Gerten’s to buy some vines for our garden arch. I read my book for a few minutes until my eyes got heavy and then napped for an hour, until it was time for work. Mark had a lunch/dinner of chicken with an apple-mango-juice glaze, veggies, bread and cookies cooked and dished up to take to work.

A little R&R has helped me de-stress. Also, the car stuff is all getting resolved. More on that when the last repair is complete.

Here are pictures of the clean bedroom. You’ll notice in last week’s picture of the laundry-free bed, you couldn’t see the dresser or desk. Now you may see them 😉

And just for fun, here is a picture that Grace took today: