The other day Grace was playing with her Little People and told me they were going to go to church. I was in the kitchen for a while and came back to this:

Grace: You missed it. They’re all in order already.
Me: Where are they going?
Grace: Back home, to their seats.
Me: Oh, what were they doing?
Grace: Getting the bite and the sip (as she mimes people receiving communion)
Me: Why is that guy all alone?
Grace: He’s the Jesus
Me: No, Jesus lives in Heaven, not here with us.
Grace: But he used to live here.
Me: Yes, he did. But not anymore. Do you know who that guy in front of the church is?
Grace: God?
Me: No, God is in Heaven too. That man is called a priest. He works for God.
Grace: Ok.

And not to leave Connor out, he learned to use a spoon that same day. Despite how it looks, he did get more in his mouth than on his body: