We had a fabulous family outing on Wednesday, pretty much unplanned. I decided that if the kids were in a good mood after mom’s group, we’d head to the Mall of America for lunch and so I could pick up a couple of postcards to send to a friend’s daughter for a school project. I thought it would be a quick trip, and possibly not even happen at all.

But the kids were happy, and Grace will do almost anything to go to the Mall of the Mericas, so we headed out. Mark called as we were en route and said he was leaving campus and would meet us there.

I got my postcards and stopped in to another store and was buying a gift when Mark arrived. We all ate at the food court — gyro and salad for me, tacos and nachos for the rest. Then we went to Marshall’s. I got a GREAT pair of tennis shoes for $20 so I can ditch the ones I have that have holes in them and let all the rain in. (You can recycle old shoes at REI, by the way.) And we also got a summer outfit for each kid and the next size shoes for Connor.

We thought about getting Connor’s hair cut but it was past his nap time, so Mark thought we should wait, even though Connor wasn’t acting up or anything. So we headed down to check out the new Nickelodeon Universe. We were debating letting Grace go on a ride when a couple came up and offered us the rest of their ride points because they were leaving. So we only had to pay $1.60 extra for Mark and Grace to be able to ride the Ferris Wheel together. It was her first ride other than a carousel. She loved it and wanted to do another ride as soon as she got done.

Both kids behaved soooo well the whole time, especially considering they didn’t have a nap/rest.

After a few minutes playing at Lego Land, I headed to work and everyone else headed home. Since I had planned on going home before work, I didn’t have a dinner packed. I bought a sandwich at Starbuck’s for the first time and was quite impressed. Turkey, pepperjack, chipotle mayonnaise, tomatoes and green peppers on a really nice bread. Spendy but very tasty.