Connor napped for 2.5 hours so here’s what I ended up doing:

  • Called preschools about getting Grace enrolled next year
  • Straightened Grace’s room and put away her clean clothes
  • Chatted with some friends online
  • Scrubbed the kitchen countertops, stove top and inside the oven
  • Cleaned the table and high chair and swept the floor
  • Created some organization of my digital scrapbooking files
  • Looked for embellishments for a digi-scrap page I had started a while ago

Then Mark and Grace got home and Connor woke up, so I read Grace a book and talked to her about her night at Grandma and Grandpa’s while Mark fed Connor and made me a late lunch. I talked to my mom a bit on the phone, ate my lunch and headed in to work.

Grace had a great time. She got to go to Wendy’s and have a “hamurmur with bacon” and she played “soft house” (in a fort) with Grandpa and “slept in Auntie Becky’s room.” She was very troubled that Grandma was gone at a meeting for much of the night though and kept wanting to know where she was. It even got dark before Grace heard the bells on the door announcing that she was home!!

What a difference 15 minutes makes:

our clean kitchen: