I’m alone at home and don’t know what to do!!

Grace spent last night at my parents’ house, and Mark will pick her up on the way home from school. I’m not sure when that will be though. Connor is napping. What should I do? LOL

Last night Connor was up at 12:30 and at 5, crying for 45 minutes each time. Mark ended up laying in there with him after the second time. I’m not sure what the problem was, although I noticed the other day he has two more teeth close to the surface. Then he slept a little bit later than usually so I thought his nap would be later but this just happened:

He’s upstairs whining; I go up to see why. He’s standing by his crib and points to his nuk when I walk in. I give it to him and say “do you want to go night-night?” thinking it’s a little early since he slept late. He doesn’t really answer so I start to talk him out of the room and he starts flailing everywhere. I point to his crib and say “you want to go in there?” and he kind of nods. I set him down and within a minute, he’s quiet. …… and that’s why he’s my sweet angel boy 🙂