Read two fiction and two nonfiction books: I’ve already finished two novels. The second was Patty Jane’s House of Curl by Lorna Landvik. LEO and I are going to read a book together now. Likely to be something memoir-ish, though the one we wanted has a huge backlog at the library so we haven’t settled that matter yet.

Go to the gym at least once a week: I think I went at least once every week in February, and twice most weeks.

Finish five scrapbook pages a month: Well, what do you know? I just notice I wrote month in my original goal. I’ve been aiming for five a week! I did five digital pages and four traditional pages this month. And I’ve started trying to get more photos on a page and be more selective about how many I use because pretty soon the number of scrapbooks I have is going to be a little ridiculous. I’m just a hair over two years behind.

P.S. I added a scrapbook page slideshow to the bottom of my blog and will stick new pages in there as I create them.

Send birthday cards before each person’s birthday: Failed on this one for February. I got one card out after the birthday; the other I never did send because I have no more finished cards and I had the wrong address for the person. (If you’re reading this, sorry Jill.)

Start composting: still no progress