Going out on a traditional date is not going to happen any time soon but I did have two dates of sorts yesterday.

I took Grace to the co-op (Mississippi Market on Dale). She got to push her own little Gracie-sized cart. I let her buy some things she asked for, which I don’t usually do. She wanted a bouquet for me and Mark, a plant for Connor and Clifford cereal and a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream cone for herself. After checking out, we sat and ate that at the tables they have in a tiny cafe area. We both had a lot of fun.

After getting her home and into bed, Mark and I watched a movie. It’s one of my life goals to watch every Best Picture winner. Mark had gotten (I don’t know when) the oldest one he could find at any area video store — “All Quiet on the Western Front.” I’m not a big fan of war movies but this was decent, especially considering it’s 75 years old.

He thinks we’re going to complete this goal in a year. That’s pretty ambitious for the 60 or so I haven’t seen yet but we’ll see how far we get. We’re going to try to watch them mostly in order, and I added a few to our Netflix list last night.