A bunch of my online friends (13 out of about 25) came to visit this past weekend. They all stayed at the Marriott Residence Inn in Edina, which was really nice despite not having a pool. We didn’t get a room at the hotel but were there about 12 hours a day hanging out in other people’s rooms. It is attached to Edinborough Park, a really neat indoor playground and gym that the kids liked.

We went to Underwater Adventures at the Mall of America (the mall was INSANELY busy) and ate at a few restaurants over the weekend. We even got to go to a hibachi place Saturday night, just the girls. Nine of us were able to stay for the whole meal (one had to leave just as we were ordering to tend to her twin babies). Mark watched our kids and two others about their age so their moms and I could go along. It was a really neat experience and the chef was amazing. Most of the food wasn’t stuff I’d normally eat but I tried everything — even chicken liver — and it wasn’t too bad. The main course was very good.

It was great to see everyone (I’d met about half of them in person before) but it was an exhausting weekend — lots of running around and trying to keep overtired kids happy. So now I need a vacation from my vacation.

Maybe I’ll get one this weekend. My college roommates and their families are coming to visit. We are all staying at a hotel with a waterpark. Hopefully we can get the kids to bed at a decent hour and sit around playing games in the evening. We rented a suite specifically to do that so I hope it works out.

One of my friends who was here this weekend is a professional photographer. She got to photograph all the kids that were there except mine. (We were at Grace’s swim class while she did them.) Here’s a link to her blog with a few photos of the kids.