I can’t.

But apparently a lot of people can. The online magazine SMITH asked for submissions of six-word memoirs. More than 15,000 (and counting) submissions later, it is now a book. And NPR paired a bunch of them with images (click my title to see it).I was inspired but didn’t even know where to begin in summing up my whole life (I’m indecisive. Or maybe I’m not.) so I’m going to try to summarize the past week, each day in six words.

Sunday — Worshiping; goody bag shopping; work blogging.
Saturday — Tired. Disappointed. Irritated. Made Grace cry.
Friday — REI deals en route to Alison’s.
Thursday — Nothing of importance comes to mind.
Wednesday — Forgot to fast; been compensating since.
Tuesday — I’m married to a local delegate.
Monday — Quiet time to myself this evening.