Read two fiction and two nonfiction books: As mentioned the other day, I finished one fiction book. Since it didn’t take me long, I thought maybe I’d try to read the Bible for a month instead of delving into a new book but I just can’t get motivated to do it. After hearing Lorna Landvik speak today, I think I may just get another of her novels.

Go to the gym at least once a week: I think I missed one week but went twice the other weeks.

Finish five scrapbook pages a month: I counted my total pages three times yesterday and still forgot what it was. I think I was right at or near 20 though, which would be an average of five per week, not counting the first week, which I spent organizing my pictures and supplies.

Send birthday cards before each person’s birthday: Sent both cards I intended to send this month. I doubt the first one arrived before his birthday but it was sent before. The second should have arrived right on time.

Start composting: no progress