I’ve composed many blog posts in my head over the past week but haven’t had (or made) the time to sit down and type them out. They’re all gone now but here’s a little recap of the week.

Grace and I returned to the library Wednesday afternoon. She played a computer game and picked out some books to take home. I returned the book I checked out three weeks before (Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons) I can’t remember the last time I finished a book without renewing it! I stayed up reading it for two hours Tuesday night because I had to get to the end. I highly recommend it. I’m going to try to get out to the Oakdale library on Saturday to hear the author speak.

We scrapbooked at my parents’ house Friday. I got five pages done. Used up all my pictures and had to order more. I might have be current on photos by the time Grace graduates from college!

Saturday Grace woke up at 3 a.m. puking. She graced every room except Connor’s and the kitchen by 11 a.m. I called in sick and held her on the couch after that and she finally fell asleep and slept for two hours. By the time she woke up at 3, I was about to faint from having eaten or drank anything since midnight. She seemed ok after her nap but puked again after her bath and then her temp spiked again. By Sunday afternoon she was fine. I felt a little off most of the weekend but never got as bad as she did, and the boys seemed to be fine. Besides feeling bad for her standing at the toilet crying, I’m most sad that she missed her first swimming class.

It sounds like the in-laws enjoyed this weekend‘s U.S. Figure Skating Championship, which we (all the kids) sent them to as their Christmas gift.

Monday was 40 degrees so I took the kids outside in the morning and Mark took them in the afternoon while I took a nap. (No matter what I did that day, I was totally exhausted) Connor doesn’t really like being outside but Grace loves it. Despite being exhausted, I was unable to fall asleep until 3 a.m. Think of all the things I could have gotten done in those four hours!!

Tuesday, I convinced Grace to do her “scrapbooking” (drawing, cutting and gluing paper) in my room while I did mine. I’ve offered this many times and this was the first time she didn’t insist on both of us doing her scrapbooking in her room. She wanted to pretend my room was a school and I was her teacher so I kept her busy asking her to draw certain things, trace certain stencils, etc., and she had fun trying out all my fancy scissors. She also learned to write “bed” and “bear” but I don’t know if she remembers how.

Grace and I returned to gymnastics Tuesday evening. She was VERY tired from not having her daily rest (which Mark instituted a few weeks ago) so she didn’t really want to participate and was hardly able to understand the teacher. She spent most of the class bouncing on the little trampoline. Well worth my $12, eh? GRR

Mark and I watched Prairie Home Companion (not too good) and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (very cute but predictable of course) on my weekend evenings.

No mom’s group today because of the cold (-50 wind chill, I think) and Mark stayed home from school because of the cold. I got out of having to bring snack. ha! We just hung out today and I made a bunch of phone calls. Mark rearranged Connor’s room a bit to help the heat circulate better instead of being blocked by a futon.

Wow, that was fabulously boring. I promise a more exciting post next time.