Mark went out on a requested solo winter break excursion the other day: a trip to Menards to pick up something to complete a gift for a friend. Hey, the guy knows how to go all out.

While there he started browsing floor tiles and brought two home to see how they would look in our bathroom (at right is the one we liked better of the two). We’ve talked about re-doing everything in the bathroom pretty much since we moved in but last summer we bought new bedroom furniture instead. Now we’re thinking about the bathroom again.

My dad says we shouldn’t spend much money on that kind of thing because we only plan to live here another 18 months to two years. I think spiffing the bathroom up might help us sell the place when the times comes. Even if it doesn’t get a higher price, it might help us sell it faster. I tried to find some answers online about recouping costs on small remodel jobs in townhouses but could only find answers about traditional houses. Most of what I found said you would recoup 80% of the cost of a bathroom remodel but they were talking about $10,000 remodels (how could you possible spend $10,000 on a bathroom?!) and I’m thinking more like $1,500.

I’ve been wanting to do a poll on this blog so here’s a good opportunity! (Vote on the sidebar to the right) Would you:

1. Keep it simple: Replace the floor and baseboard (see how icky they are?), paint, replace light fixtures, etc. Budget: $200.

2. Step it up a notch: Do the above plus replace the sink faucet and showerhead and re-stain or paint the worn vanity (below) and add hardware, etc. Budget: $500

3. Go the distance: Replace everything but the tub (isn’t it nice?). Budget: $1300-1500.