This one has been on the list for about three months. We were going to do our first family portrait and a 3-year portrait for Grace when she turned 3. Well, we finally got them taken in December.

I made the appointment for 10 a.m. and early this week started to wonder if that was wise. But we made it there in time despite Mark being unable to find the shirt I wanted him to wear; the need to comb Grace’s hair to hide the bald spot she created in front last month; and me having to cobble together an outfit in the morning because I had failed to find a blue dress in any stores last month.

We went to Target in Roseville (the nearest one with a photo studio) and were VERY pleased with the results. We even ended up ordering some prints of Connor alone, even though we just ordered some from our last session with him at the pricey photo place we’ve been going (to get a free 3-6-9-12 month panel). They had lots of options for borders and fancy treatments for no extra cost. And with the coupons that are always on their Web site, it was very affordable. End of commercial.

The kids were very good during the pictures and Grace hammed it up. I’m sure she would have stayed for another session if we’d let her. The photographer tried to do some cute things with the kids together but Connor was not quite sturdy enough. One turned out well enough to order a few prints.