I can’t believe it’s Dec. 22. Wasn’t Connor’s birthday just the other day?!

We’ve all been so busy lately that I haven’t had time to blog about it. But for the next 20 minutes, my only work-related task is to stare at the wire feed, which is moving slower than a snail, in molasses, in January, after it died. I could learn how to work Mark’s new mp3 player that his wonderful wife gave him for his birthday, but I forgot to bring a battery. I could order the last few Christmas presents I need (which I don’t need to arrive for another week) but I’m still disgruntled that they didn’t have them in the stores Thursday so I’ll wait another day. So here I am and here’s what we’ve been up to:

Thursday: Shopping

We were out shopping for about four hours, which should have been enough time to hit way more stores than we did. But with two little ones in tow, my need to find the “perfect” gift for one person and Mark’s need to look at EVERY option in a store, especially if it’s on sale, we didn’t get very far. I think we managed to buy more for ourselves than other people. oops.

We did get some of what I wanted to get our niece and nephew. But some other things I wanted, which are on barnesandnoble.com were not at Barnes and Noble the old-fashioned version. Irritating! We also got the main part of the gift for a dear friend of mine but I need a few fun little things to round out the package — not sure what they’re going to be yet. And Mark got a gift for the person he has in the Westpfahl name exchange.

The kids were very good, but Connor fell asleep so Mark stayed in the car with the kids while I hit the first two stores, and we had to eat twice because Grace (and Mark) is always hungry. But while we were in the mall, Connor sat nicely in his stroller, not making a peep (except when he saw food that wasn’t being offered to him) and only man-handling a few items for sale (why is it so hard for stores to make room for a stroller?) Grace was cheerful the whole time and followed directions very well. Only at the end when she was tired did she get pokey.

Friday: Shots and Scrapbooking

The kids had doctor appointments at 9 a.m. Friday. … 9 a.m.? What was I thinking? We did get there on time, but I had no breakfast and we didn’t have time to gather a couple of things I wanted to take along to my parents’ house. Both kids did awesome at the doctor. Grace passed the vision test. I couldn’t believe she didn’t get shy and clam up. She refused to do the hearing test though. She had three shots and Connor had four. Neither cried until they were on No. 3. Connor weighs 21 pounds and Grace weighs 27 (I think). The doctor recommended giving her Pediasure, which is high in calories, and getting her to drink more milk. She’s in the 2 percentile for her height/weight. On the behavior chart, she can do many things they don’t expect until age 5, like write her name.

After the appointment, we went to my parents house for the day. Mark was there part of the time and out getting a haircut and doing some shopping for the other part. I got five or six pages done in my scrapbook. It would have been more but we spent about two hours eating lunch, playing play-doh and trying to get Connor to take a nap (which he never did). Grace “helped” me quite a bit, although she also did some “scrapbooking” of her own with scratch paper, a pencil, stencils and tape, at her own little table that Grandma set up for her in the craft room.

Connor ended up falling asleep on the way home and slept straight through till morning — about 15 hours.

Saturday: Mark’s birthday

Becky came over to watch the kids so Mark and I could go out for his birthday. She was very nice to do this on short notice, despite having other things she wanted to do. She headed to happy hour when she left though — yeah, they drive me to want to drink too 😉

Mark and I saw “Charlie Wilson’s War” — and interesting and entertaining movie though not quite what I expected or quite as good as I’d hoped. I thought we’d see the second National Treasure movie because Mark really wanted to but he chose this one because he knew it was the kind of movie I’d like more than National Treasure. On his birthday. What a sweet husband.

We went to lunch at Khoury’s in Inver Grove Heights. The food was fine but not spectacular and a little expensive for the type of place it is (like Perkins but locally owned). The desserts — German chocolate tort and creme brulee — were fabulous though, and Mark’s was free.

And that brings us right up to now (except for the times I was at work each day. I’ll spare you that!)