Mark had his last finals today — please pray that his Spanish teacher is feeling generous 😉 — so he went to school a bit later than normal. He brought Grace downstairs while getting ready so I got to sleep in until Grace came back to my room around 9. (Connor just finished cutting his first molars so he had a loooong night of sleep last night.) The extra time to sleep was wonderful, except that we need to be heading out the door about 9:50 to get to Mom’s group on time. And I was supposed to be watching the kids in the nursery today so being on time was more important than usual.

So I left Grace watching Dora in my bed while I took a shower and got dressed. I quickly got her dressed (thankfully she cooperated wonderfully) and we both ate breakfast (again she did wonderfully). Then I woke Connor up and got him dressed and offered him a cup of milk, which he did not seem interested in. We all got bundled up and out to the car fairly effortlessly. But it was already almost 10 by then.

I opened the door to put Connor in his seat and remembered that I had unbuckled it yesterday to turn it face forward but got frustrated and cold and gave up. So I had to set him down, hoping he would stay on his feet, while I finished turning the seat around. He did well for a bit but then fell on his butt in the snow and got all wet. He looked so cute and grown up facing forward and it’s nice to be able to see his face in the rearview mirror.

While I was doing all this, Grace was fending for herself on the other side of the car. She was over there sweetly brushing all the snow off the car for me — with her jacket — which is now black instead of pink. I got her in the car, brushed of the window — with a window brush — and we were on our way, only 10 minutes later than I would like.

Grace spent the first 12 minutes asking how many more minutes till the airport so she could count the planes. I kept wondering if this hassle and rush every week is worth it. And I kept dreading staying in the nursery. Everyone else says they love it, but I’ve always found it to be loud, chaotic and a bit boring — the things I go out of the house to avoid. But today was really nice. I stayed in the “big kid” room and we played, colored and read books. There were a lot of kids but they were all sweet and fun. I think Grace really enjoyed me being there with her.

After mom’s group, we had a good time at the Edwards’ house, as always, and Grace and I chatted on the way home, while Connor slept. And I made it to work more or less on time, and remembered to bring dinner and some wrapping paper I promised to give to Lauren.