Why is it so hard to be on time? I hate “wasting” time by being early to things so I’m always doing “one last thing” before going somewhere. And of course, there also are days when as soon as I get one kid ready, the other one has un-readied his or herself.

This morning, the kids were up by 7 and I was NOT functional. Amazingly, they both stayed in bed with me for the next two hours, with minimal squawking and kicking and climbing on me. I’m amazed that Connor didn’t crawl off the bed when I was half-conscious. At about 8:45, I figured we better get a move on since we had 45 minutes to leave for our weekly mom’s group. I got all of us dressed and the diaper bag packed and into winter gear.

TANGENT — I felt a bit bad depriving us all of a real breakfast. Grace spotted Mark’s Pop Tart box and I said she could have one in the car (a special treat because we usually hide the Pop Tarts from her) before I realized the box was empty. I averted a crisis by offering her animal crackers. She gobbled them up and then kept asking for “sumpin else” in the car and before and after mom’s group, yet didn’t eat lunch once we got to our post-group playdate at the Edwards’ house. I offered Connor milk as I was getting us all ready, but he kept taking a drink and spitting it all out, so I guess he didn’t mind skipping breakfast.

We got into the car with minimal setbacks but then I had to scrape and brush the car down — for the sixth time in five days. yuck. Then we needed gas. I was still not feeling full of energy so I wanted to go in to get coffee and use my gas coupons. But I didn’t want to leave the kids in the car or take the time to go inside (since we were running late) so I paid at the pump. While doing some more scraping, one windshield wiper popped off and I didn’t want to take the time to figure it out. It’s hard enough to do without gloves or frozen fingers! My windshield was pretty dirty by the time we arrived, but the ice had all melted off that wiper 🙂

After all that — it seemed much more frustrating at the time than it does now — we did manage to get to group more-or-less on time. And I got the wiper back on after mom’s group with much less work than I expected.

I was, however, late to work after spending 50 minutes getting home from Shakopee after our lunch/playdate with the Edwards. One word: 494.

So 1 for 2 today.