The kids and I went to Wal-mart today (yes, I said Wal-mart; it’s not your imagination). We headed out as soon as Connor woke from his nap and we all had lunch. Yet he already seemed tired and cranky by the time we got to the car. Wake up, eat breakfast, take a nap, eat lunch, want another nap — that’s my boy! It took me awhile to scrape off the car, as that one hadn’t been driven since Saturday’s snowstorm. Connor was crying most of that time but settled down once we got moving.

On the way there, Grace and I have our first-ever exchange of her asking me to buy her things.
G: “Buy me sumpin at the store”
Me: “We’re not getting anything for you today”
G: “No, buy me sumpin
Me: “You don’t need anything”
G: “Where is Annika?”
Me: “At home”
G: “Doing what?”
Me: “I don’t know”
G: “Buy me sumpin at the store”
Me: “What do you want?”
G: “A dolly”
Me: “You have lots of dollies”
G: “No, I don’t”
Me: “You have one in your lap.”
G: “No, this a baby.”
Me: “Ummmok.”
Of course, there is a display of dolls right inside the front door, at her level. She took one off the shelf but put it back right away when I said no and made no fuss about it.

She was very good the whole trip, despite her getting tired as well. (When we got home, Connor did nap; Grace whined the whole way home but got a second wind as soon as when we walked in the door.) At one point, Grace said “can I see what’s on the list?” and held out her hand. A woman next to us laughed and said “wow, she already knows about lists.” LOL We got some household goods we needed, Connor’s birthday gifts and two Christmas gifts and returned a jacket I had bought for Connor two weeks ago. Grace made sure I didn’t forget the batteries we needed for all the flashlights she has been obsessed with this week!

I consider this one a success.