Today’s big to-do item was to buy Christmas gifts at the Mall of America. After being up 2:30-5 with Grace this morning, I knew I needed to get out of the house. I thought I’d kill four birds with one stone — get out, do something Grace enjoys, buy gifts, and find a winter coat for Connor (I’m going to return one I bought for him Friday because it’s too hard to zip).

I printed out a list of gift ideas for several people. I packed the diaper bag, got the kids into coats and headed out. I was two exits from the mall when I realized I left the list at home. I decided to wing it.

Connor whined most of the way to the mall because he was tired and his car seat has decided it no longer wants to stay in the proper position for more than 2 blocks. He ends up laying flat on his back by the time we get somewhere. I need to figure out why and get that fixed before driving to Bloomington/Shakopee tomorrow for our Wednesday mom’s group.

When we got to the mall, I stopped to look at the store directory. Grace pointed to the restroom symbol and said “I have to go potty.” The woman next to us couldn’t stop laughing. Luckily, we were right next to a family bathroom. Grace spotted the “family” symbol and was none too happy that we weren’t going to a girls bathroom but we went in anyway.

The first store we attempted (after the bathroom break, going to see the moose at the flume ride and playing with some legos) was Williams Sonoma. I couldn’t go two steps without running into something with the double stroller. I didn’t find anything there worth buying.

Almost everyone at the mall had a kid in a stroller, and many had two. I wondered if they enjoyed schlepping kids around everywhere they go or if they were as miserable on their shopping excursion as I was.

By the time we left Williams Sonoma, Grace was hungry. I bought her a muffin at a coffee shop. That made the Connor cranky. He hates when people are eating something that he isn’t. I gave him some bites of the muffin but that just made a mess. We stopped at the As Seen on TV store and got a battery-operated light fixture for Grace’s closet.

We headed toward Marshall’s to find a winter coat. I stopped at a bathroom to make a bottle but the water wasn’t warm enough and Connor wouldn’t drink it. I gave up on the coat and headed back to Lego Land, as I promised we would when we were done shopping. Then got we some yogurt at the Holiday store (at Grace’s request). All three of us shared it. By then Connor was super tired and crying so we went home.

So I guess I was 2 for 4 on today’s goals:
get out of the house — check
do something Grace enjoys — check. She really loves the “Mall of the Merica
buy gifts — not a one
find a winter coat for Connor — nope

Grace after the trip: