Note from May 25, 2008: I’m deleting my myspace page so I’m moving this here from there. It is my first real blog entry and was originally titled “never have children.” This night (Sept. 17, 2007, Grace’s 3rd birthday) was strikingly similar to some we’ve been having lately.

I started the night with high hopes. After four nights of being up with Grace for hours in the middle of the night, Mark and I headed to bed early. I read for a little while and turned out the light at 10:30. I thought I could actually get 8 straight hours of sleep.

10:35 – Grace climbs into bed and falls asleep between my feet. Too tired to protest, I let her.

12:30 – Mark carries Grace to her room, after 20 minutes of her kicking him.

12:31 – She comes back.

12:32 – Mark takes her to her room.

12:33 – She stands by the toilet whining. Mark helps her go potty and takes her to her room.

12:34 – She comes back. I send Mark to get her blanket and explain to her that she can sleep on the floor next to me or go back to her bed. I cover her with the blanket and say goodnight.

12:35 – She climbs into our bed. I put her back on the floor with the warning that next time she goes to her room with the door closed.

12:36 — She climbs into our bed. I take her to her room and she screams “don’t close the door.” I close the door. She gets out of bed, sobbing and yelling and soon is pounding on the door.

1:00 – Despite being voted most likely to scream, spank and slam doors, Mark gives in and sits in the rocking chair with her. Connor has now woke up so I change his diaper and rock him about 10 minutes and put him back in his crib.

1:20 – Mark, who has been sitting in Grace’s room while she’s laying in bed frowning, leaves the room and closes the door. She starts yelling and pounding again. Connor is still crying as well so Mark goes in to comfort him. I guess all the discussions about crying-it-out aren’t worth having any more.

1:25 – I go downstairs since I can’t sleep with Grace yelling. I fold a load of laundry, clean the kitchen, sweep the floor, pick up toys and finish reading Sunday’s paper (which I’d given up on multiple times before as Connor tried to eat it). I even pack my gym bag though I’m sure I’ll be way too tired to go tomorrow morning. Grace is still yelling “Let me out Mama.”

1:30 — Mark remembers he left a car window open and goes out to shut it and then eats a bowl of cereal. (Connor started crying again as soon as Mark left the room)

1:45 — Connor is still crying so Mark feeds him a bottle. He seems to go to sleep. Grace however is still yelling “mama” and occasionally pounding on the door. I have run out of things to do downstairs so I start writing this blog.

2:00 – Grace pulls out the old “Gotta go potty” trick. We decide not to let her out as she has recently gone and we’re 99% sure she is lying just to get us to open the door. This is a pretty standard tactic for her.

2:15 – She seems to be settling down. The crying is not as loud anyway.

2:21 – The yelling is back at full force, now down to just “Mama” over and over. What do I do? If I go in there, will it be another two hours all over again? If I don’t go, will she hate me forever and will the next three days be more miserable than the last three days?

2:30 – “Hold me. Hold meeeeeeeeee” “Get the door, Mama.” I can’t take it anymore. I’m going to get her.

Update: the drama continued. I ended up sleeping in her room so Mark could get some sleep before a big test he has this morning. I think Grace and I were alseep around 3. She, Connor and I got up at 7:45. yee haw.